About the Third Joint ENPOSS/RT Conference

The conference will bring together a group of scholars drawn from an
intellectually diverse and international community of philosophers and
social scientists who share an interest in philosophical questions that
arise in, and about, the social sciences. It is run as an intensive
workshop-style meeting. This conference is a joint meeting of two
international societies (one based in the US, the other in Europe) that
are committed to a pluralist vision of philosophy of the social
sciences, which includes topics in philosophy of mind and of language,
action theory, and social/political theory and encourages engagement
with the whole range of social sciences, from anthropology and history,
sociology and political science, to psychology, cognitive science, and


Past conferences:

8-10 May, 2015, University of Washington, USA

3-4 September, 2013, University of Venice Ca‘ Foscari, Italy



For further details see the website of ENPOSS or POSS-RT.